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Condenser Issues That Interfere With AC Efficiency

The air conditioner (AC) condenser is responsible for getting rid of the heat that the AC extracts from the house. Thus, the AC's cooling efficiency will suffer if the condenser is malfunctioning. Below are some condenser problems that can trigger inefficient cooling. Leaks The condenser has a coil that circulates hot refrigerant to dissipate heat. Damage to the coil can cause the refrigerant to leak. Coil damages, from physical impact or corrosion, are typical causes of refrigerant damages. Read More 

Should You Zone Your Home’s HVAC System?

With a "typical" home heating and cooling system, one thermostat controls the temperature of the entire home. With a zoned system, however, individual thermostats throughout a home provide additional temperature control. In a two-story home, for example, having one thermostat downstairs and one thermostat upstairs can allow for more consistent heating and cooling year-round. Dampers installed inside a home's existing ductwork allow for more precise airflow--so air is only sent to the areas of the home that need it. Read More 

What Is The Appropriate Insulation Thickness For Air Ducts?

Your air ducts are susceptible to temperature influences from the external environment. Air duct insulation separates the air within the ducts from the air outside them to minimize such effects. However, the separation is only possible if the insulation material is thick enough. Below are some of the factors that determine adequate insulation thickness. Local Weather The local weather determines the effect of the external environment on the air inside the ducts. Read More 

Frequently Encountered Residential Heating Problems

Heating problems can render your home an uncomfortable place to be during the winter. Unfortunately, there are many issues that you will be asked to address if you are to keep your home's heating system functioning throughout the winter months. Mold Growing On the Heating Unit Mold is a major problem that every homeowner will need to watch out for. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to realize that mold colonies can develop on their heating system. Read More 

How A Furnace Repair Contractor Can Address No Heat Problems For Homeowners

The furnace is a commonly used appliance, especially when it starts getting cold. Unfortunately, there will be times when it doesn't produce heat. If this has happened with your unit, hire a furnace repair technician. They can address the following issues that may be causing your lack of heat.  Check For Dirty Filter Sometimes when the air filter that corresponds to your furnace gets too dirty, this will cause there to be no heat. Read More 

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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