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3 Tips to Prevent Fires in Your Laundromat

Having a laundromat can be an easy-to-run business that is very lucrative, but there is one major thing to be concerned about—the risk of a fire. As you probably already know, dryers and other electrical equipment can be very dangerous. However, if you follow these three tips, you can help prevent fires in your laundromat. This can both prevent the costs of property damage and help keep the patrons who use your laundromat safe.

1. Keep Equipment in Good Condition

First and foremost, you should never neglect your washing machines and dryers. By running a machine that has a faulty heating element or that is otherwise in poor operating condition, you are risking a fire. Test your machines once per week or so, and have a commercial appliance repair professional out to make repairs as needed. As an additional bonus, this can help you make your equipment last longer without the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

2. Post Signs

Even though you can't make your patrons follow your rules, letting them know about the things that you expect of them can actually help encourage them to be cautious when using your laundry equipment. For example, posting signs that ask your patrons to clean the lint filter in the dryer and that ask them to refrain from putting oil or grease-stained clothing into your laundry equipment can be helpful.

3. Keep Vents Clean

If your dryer vents get filled with lint, which is sure to happen with the heavy use that your commercial machines probably get in a laundromat setting, then your building be at a great risk of a fire. This means that you should have the vents cleaned regularly. The best way to do so is to hire a professional commercial dryer vent cleaning company. The frequency with which you should hire someone for this service will depend on how much use your machines get. Your best bet is to hire someone to come out and do the job and ask for a professional opinion. Then, you can get on a schedule to have your vents cleaned once every few months to once per year, depending on your laundromat's individual needs.

Your laundromat could be at risk of a fire if you are not careful. To help keep your patrons safe and to help prevent any major incidents, it's a good idea to follow these helpful three tips.

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