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Central Air Conditioner Cooling Issues: Things To Know

Did your central air conditioning system stop cooling the air in your house and you have no idea what caused it to happen? You will need to get the entire system inspected by a contractor because there are various things that could lead to a lack of cool air being produced. Take a look at the list below for some of the common central air conditioning system problems that could interfere with air coolness.

1. Not Enough Refrigerant

The most common cooling problem from a central air conditioning system is a low supply of refrigerant.  Refrigerant is important in the production of old air because it helps to cool down the metal of an evaporator coil. It is also important for there to be a sufficient amount of water available so it can mix with the refrigerant. Once the water and refrigerant are mixed together, they become a coolant that turns into gas form to keep the evaporator coil cold. Basically, the cold metal of the evaporator coil is what leads to warm air cooling down as it passes through the ventilation system.

2. There is a Leakage of Air

When there is a difference in the coolness of air coming from the ventilation system, it might mean that there are cracks in the air ducts. A substantial amount of cold air might be leaking out through the cracks before you can feel it in your house.  If any air makes it through to your house, it is likely a small amount that gets mixed up with warm air as soon as it makes it out of the vents. You will have to hire a contractor to inspect the air ducts for cracks to find out if it is the cause of the lack of cold air from the central air conditioning system.

3. No Help from the Heat Pump

The change in cold air production from the central air conditioning system might be the result of the heat pump going bad. Basically, you might be dealing with a heat exchange problem concerning the removal of warm air from your house when the air conditioner is on. It is possible that the heat pump has stalled from being covered in dirt, or that the motor has stopped working and needs to be replaced. Make an appointment for a contractor to inspect your central air conditioning system so he or she can diagnose the cooling problem. Contact a business, such as Copper Valley Mechanical Contractors Ltd, for more information.   

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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