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Is A Packaged Air Conditioner System Right For Your Home?

Split air conditioner systems are commonly used for residential homes, but there is an alternative option. A packaged air conditioner system also offers the ability to cool your home, but there are differences between it and the split air system. If you are unsure if a packaged air conditioner system is right for you home, here is what you need to know.  

What Is a Packaged Air Conditioner System? 

Most homes have a split air system in which the components are split into two. The system is split into the condensing unit and evaporator coil. A packaged air conditioner has those components, but they are in one integrated unit.  

The all-in-one system has the ducting attached to it. This differs from a split level, which allows for the ducting to be attached to various components of the home. Warm air is pulled into the packaged unit and passed over an evaporator coil to cool it. The cooled air is then pushed into your home.  

Should You Buy a Packaged Air System? 

If you have a limited amount of room in your home, the packaged air conditioner system could be the right choice for you. A split level usually requires installation in a closet or attic. By contrast, a packaged air conditioner is installed onto the roof of your home. The unit is mounted on custom roof racks.  

The air conditioner system is also relatively easy to install. The unit is pre-assembled, which takes away a lot of the work that is usually involved in installing a heating and cooling system. As a result, you could potentially spend less to have it installed.  

Are There Drawbacks? 

There are some drawbacks to the packaged air conditioner system that you should consider. For instance, the system is vulnerable to environmental elements due to its placement on the roof. However, a protective covering can be put on the unit to help keep the unit safe.  

Another potential issue is that if the unit is not properly sealed, it can sometimes leak. The leaking could cause damage to your roofing. However, a professional installation of the unit and regular inspections can help avoid this issue.  

Talk to your HVAC contractor about the packaged air conditioner system and other options that you have to keep your home cool. He or she can help with determining if the system is right and make suggestions for a different system, if necessary. 

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