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Escalating Cooling Costs? Two Possible Reasons Why

If you're starting to notice a dramatic increase in the cost of your cooling bill, your main concern is likely trying to figure out the culprit behind the hike.  While you definitely want to keep your home cool, you just can't afford to pay a large amount of money to do so.  Although you might be trying to keep the thermostat at a higher level so that the bill won't cost as much, you still have a nagging need to find out why your bill went up.  Use this information to learn more about two possible reasons why your air conditioning costs took an upward turn.

Your Insulation Might Need To Be Replaced

Because your insulation is out of sight, it's also easy for it to be out of mind.  You might not realize that the reason why your cooling expenses went up is because of the condition of the insulation that lies behind the walls in your home.

Understand that much like every other aspect of your house, the insulation will almost inevitably begin to deteriorate.  The appliances and fixtures in your abode that are visible can quickly be replaced, but since you can't see your insulation you may be completely unaware of the extent of the damage.  If the insulation has worn thin or if insects or rodents have had a chance to eat away at it, the material might not be strong enough to keep your indoor air inside of the house.  The more of your climate-controlled air that is able to seep outside, the more power your cooling unit has to pull on in order to keep your temperature steady.  This causes your cooling costs to go up.

If you suspect that your insulation is the root cause of the spike you're witnessing in your air conditioning bill, call in an insulation expert who can take a look at the situation for you.

Your Home Could Need Some Shade

If you've done some pruning around your yard and gotten rid of some of the natural shade provided by thick, full trees, this could inadvertently have an effect on your cooling costs.  Trees act as a buffer against the heat that's radiated into your home from the sun.  You might just want to let those trees blossom to their fullest!

Getting control of your cooling costs doesn't have to be difficult.  Investigate these two possible reasons to determine if one or both of them are behind your rising air conditioning expenses as soon as possible. Contact an HVAC company, like I C E Heating & Cooling , for more help.

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