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Adding A Basement Bathroom? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Get It Right

Installing a bathroom in the basement is a bit more challenging than adding one to the upper levels of your home.  Problems, such as inadequate drainage, could lead to even bigger issues. If you are installing the bathroom yourself, here are some considerations to make to avoid disaster during the bathroom installation:

Use a Grinder Pump

Adding a bathroom to your basement means that you need to connect the new plumbing to the existing plumbing so that waste can be routed from the home to the main waste disposal. Due to the location of the basement, this can prove to be complicated. Unfortunately, waste could potentially fail to drain as it should and be pushed back into the basement fixtures.

One way you can lower the chances of this happening is to install a grinder pump behind the toilet. The pump will basically break down the waste and push it through the pipes so that it can reach the main waste disposal for your home.  

Do Not Forget the Isolation Valves

In constructing the plumbing system for the basement, it can be easy to overlook the isolation valves, but they are necessary. Each plumbing fixture in your bathroom needs its own isolation valve. The valve can be invaluable if there is a leak or you need to perform on work on one fixture.

The valve allows you to turn off the water supply to the plumbing lines leading to the fixture. The valve also needs to be easily reachable. You could place the valves behind a removable panel. If you choose to do this, make sure the valves are properly labeled.

Test the Plumbing

Once the last plumbing fixture is in place, your next move might be to seal the floors. However, doing this right away can lead to more work for you later. If the plumbing is not properly functioning, you might have to open your basement flooring again to work on the plumbing.

To avoid this, allow time to test the plumbing. While testing it, look for leaks and problems, such as slow draining in the toilet, shower, and bathtub. If it drains slow now, you could have a bigger drainage problem later. Fixing it now will help save time and money later.

There are many other challenges you could face with your basement plumbing. To make sure your plumbing is up to code and suitable for your home, consider hiring a plumbing contractor. Contact a company like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning for more information and assistance. 

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