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What to Consider When Installing and Setting Up Your Thermostat

When having an air conditioning or heating system installed, one of the components will be a thermostat that is located within your home to control the system. Here are some things to consider when having the thermostat installed.

Parental Controls

If you have kids in your house, the physical thermostat should have some sort of lock on it that will prevent kids from playing with the devices and messing with the temperature. Most smart thermostats already have a smartphone app that is protected by a password, but you need additional protection on the physical device as well.


All thermostats are going to allow basic scheduling, with a schedule that repeats itself every single day. At the very least, get a thermostat that allows for a different schedule on the weekends and weekdays. This will allow you to set a custom temperature for when you are away at work and help you save money in the long run.

Many smart thermostats take it one step further. They can use a motion detector to see if you are home, and adjust your schedule accordingly.


Where you place the physical thermostat is just as important as what kind of thermostat you get. You will want to avoid placing the thermostat in a room that you do not use very much. This includes a den, family room, or even a hallway. Since the thermostat bases the temperature on what it is like at the thermostat location, place is in a common area such as a family room so that the house feels perfect in the rooms you use the most.

In addition, you will want to avoid placing the thermostat on exterior walls or in a place that receives direct sunlight. This will make the thermostat feel hotter or cooler than what your home is really like, and cause problems with comfort that is not ideal.

Energy Efficiency

Picking the right temperatures for your schedule will make a big different. In the winter, aim for temperatures between 68° F and 72° F when you are home, and between 62° F and 66° F when you are away. Lowering the temperature more than that when you are away could cause a long time to get back to the ideal temperature when the heat does kick on.

For more tips when it comes to selecting, installing, and setting up a thermostat, speak with local HVAC technicians.

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