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Your HVAC System And Vacationing

While you may feel it makes sense to leave the HVAC system off when you are away on vacation during the summer and/or winter, the truth is this can be bad in several different ways. You can become educated on when you should or should not leave your HVAC system off while you are on vacation.

Reasons to leave the air on

If you are going to be on vacation during the summer, then you want to check the weather ahead of time. If you live in an area where the temperatures can get very hot, then there may be reasons for leaving the air conditioning on.

If you live where the temperature gets extremely hot outside, such as in the triple digits, then the air conditioning should come on when the temperature rises to serious degrees. Leaving your home this hot while you are away can lead to problems in many areas. In some cases, your fine arts and other collectibles may be damaged due to extreme heat. Also, when allowed to get too hot for a length of time, even your electrical system can be at risk.

If you have pets that will be staying in the home, then you want the air to come on to keep the home safe for them. While your pets may not need the home nice and cool, they do need it to be cool enough to survive. Also, be sure you have someone come in to verify they still have water and to check that the HVAC system is working correctly.

Reasons to leave the heat on

If you live in an area where the temperature gets below freezing and you are going to be taking a winter vacation, then you'll want to be sure you have an understanding of why to leave the heat on. Just as with the summer, your pets will also be a concern during winter. However, there are other reasons for heating your house when you aren't going to be home.

If you don't ensure that the interior of your home stays above freezing while you are gone, then you run the risk of your plumbing freezing. If pipes do freeze in your absence, then they can burst once they thaw out and you can end up coming home to serious water damage that can cause major issues for not only your home, but also your belongings. The damage will be extensive, since you won't even catch the issue until you return from vacation.

Contact a service, like Air Controls, for more help.

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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