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Things That Should Not Surprise You About Your Air Conditioner When Temps Soar Over 100 Degrees

This has been the summer of all summers. Record-breaking temperatures soaring far above one hundred degrees in many states, including states in the Midwest (and not just in the South or Southeast!). Anyone with an air conditioner has likely had their cooling appliances run nonstop just to keep from sweating to death and becoming gravely ill from the heat on those really hot days. If your A/C has been running at full tilt for a while now, you should not be surprised when something goes awry with it. Here are a few things that should not surprise you about your A/C when outdoor temperatures skyrocket over one hundred degrees and humidity is insufferable.

Air Conditioning Repairs

You are pushing a machine to cut temperatures in your home to nearly half of what the temperature is outside. You want the appliance to run day and night, and you want it to run for days on end so that you can be comfortable and sleep peacefully. Eventually, some air conditioning systems cannot take it. They just blow out. If your unit decides it has had enough this summer, do not be too surprised if it just gives up and stops cooling your home with a month of summer and hot days left ahead. You'll need to call a local air conditioning repair technician for help.

Refrigerant Refills

Refrigerant does not generally run out during an average cooling season. However, with the kind of heat people have had this summer, it definitely is not surprising to a lot of HVAC technicians and contractors that cooling units are out of refrigerant and/or need refills and recharges. If the cooled air in your home is not as cool today as it was a week ago, you might want an HVAC technician take a look. Your A/C may be starving for more refrigerant while trying to keep up with cooling demands in scorching weather. 

It Just Blows and Goes

Sometimes, older A/C units are just done. Maybe they were just about done before summer started, and then this weather this year pushed them over the edge. Maybe they could have had another year or two in them, but the blistering heat this summer was just too much. Whatever the situation, you have a unit that blows up and goes dead entirely. If you want more cool air this season, and you expect to be cooled next summer, you are going to need a brand new air conditioner installed. 

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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