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Mixing Pets & Air Conditioners

Aren't pets just the best? However, sometimes their fur and dander can become an issue. This is especially true during those few summer months when they are still shedding their spring coats and the air conditioner is running. Fur has a way of clogging up air conditioning systems like nothing else. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your animals cool, all while taking care of your air conditioner. Should you not want to do these things on your own, check your local listings for an air conditioning service company near you

Professional Pet Groomers

Between the spring and fall coats shedding off, it may sometimes feel like you are constantly battling all of the loose fur, but taking your pet to a professional pet groomer can drastically improve the situation. Pet groomers work hard to get as much loose fur off of your pet, dramatically decreasing the amount of fur around your home. 

Clean Those Vents/Ducts

Even after a trip to the groomers, you are still likely to have a bit of shed fur in your home. When the air conditioner is on, this fur it pushed towards the air return vents, and will likely be sucked up into the ducts. Consequently, these vents and ducts need to be cleaned every so often. The vents are relatively easy to clean since they can be easily reached in your normal living space. Vacuuming up any visible fur can be easily done with the hose, and it takes just a few minutes. If you feel uncomfortable locating and cleaning out your ducts, HVAC professionals are happy to do it for you. 

Change the Filter Often

When you have one or more pets in your home, the air filters on your air conditioner take quite a beating. While most people can get away with changing out their air filter once a season, you may need to change it monthly, or more often, depending on how many animals you have. This can become a costly affair, so many pet owners choose to invest in filters that you can clean yourself and return to the air conditioner, instead of constantly throwing away clogged filters.

In conclusion, instead of just apologizing to your guests for the pet dander in the air and the heat of your home, take the steps necessary to prevent problems. If you take these steps into stride you are much more likely to have a long-lasting air conditioner, even with your cute pets in your home.

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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