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Working With A Propane Supplier For Your Home Fuel

Setting up a new heating system in your home can also mean changing fuel sources as well. A new heating system that runs on propane may mean you need to set up a new account with your local propane supplier and install a tank that is appropriate for your needs.

New Propane Service

If you have never used propane as a fuel in your home, you will need to determine how large a tank you need and where the best place to put it is going to be. In most cases, the propane supplier will look at your property and make some suggestions about where to place the tank and may even require the tank to be in a specific area so that it is on flat ground.

The propane supplier can help you determine how large a tank you need for your home as well. If you are using propane for heating but not for anything else, you may not need as large a tank as you think but if you change your stove, water heater, and heat to propane, you may need a large tank to ensure you have enough fuel to keep up with the demand. 

New Fuel Lines

If you are just getting started with propane as a fuel, your home will need to have the right fuel lines in it to carry the propane from the tank to the appliance using it. New installations require new fuel lines and installing them so that they run safely through the home is critical. Many propane companies will run the fuel line from the tank to the house and bring it into the home.

Some fuel companies have technicians that can install the lines for you, but if your propane company does not offer that, you may need to hire a plumber that has experience working with fuel lines. Often appliance installers can hook up the fuel lines in they are in the home already, but they more than likely will not run the lines for you. If you are not sure who to have install the fuel lines in your home, ask the propane company if they recommend a company to work with.

Rental Fees for Tanks

Check with the fuel supplier about the cost of the tank they are setting up for you. Some companies will charge a small monthly fee to cover the maintenance of the tank. Not every company charges these fees so you will have to see what your supplier's policies are. 

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