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Purchasing A High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration System? 2 Problems To Look Out For

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system is made to keep the air inside your home clean. This is beneficial for people with allergies or people that have breathing problems, such as asthma. This is because these filtration systems keep things like smoke, dust mites, and more from getting into your air. If you are purchasing a HEPA air filtration system, you should learn about some problems that you can have with it. This way you can get the system repaired quickly.

Reduced Airflow

If you notice the air purification system is not producing as much airflow as it normally does, this is commonly due to leaving the filter packaging on when you first install the system. Check this first, and if you see that you have left the filter packaging on by mistake, then remove the packaging to see if this fixes your problem. 

The problem could also be that the fan speed is too low. If so, refer to the user's manual for the HEPA filter system that you purchased to learn how you can change the fan speed setting. Most systems have an automatic mode that monitors and adjusts the fan speed. 

You also need to be careful where you place the HEPA system, as it may be too close to something. This will block the air intake, which will reduce airflow. 

Hear Weird Noises

Your air purification system should be relatively quiet, so if you are hearing weird noises, then something is wrong. One common cause is the filter inside the system. It might fit well, or you have it installed incorrectly. The air filter may also be dirty and need to be replaced. 

There could also be something that got on the filter while it was running or not running. This will cause noises when the fan is spinning. To take care of this problem, simply replace the filter. Replacing the filter should be easy, and you can find instructions on how to do this in your user's manual. 

If you still hear unusual noises, something may be loose inside the HEPA system. In this case, you will need to contact a repair service to open the system and check this for you. You should not do this on your own, as you could cause more problems.  

For more information about air filtration systems or repairs, contact a local repair technician. They can inspect your unit and advise you on maintenance.

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