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5 Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

When the temperatures are hot, you may find that you can't live without your air conditioner. Nothing feels better than walking into a cool home after being out in the heat for hours. However, you could unknowingly be making mistakes that could hurt your air conditioning system.

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Selecting the Wrong Size

Air conditioning systems come in several different sizes. It is important to choose the right size for your home. If you pick a system that is too small, it will not keep your house cool enough. If you choose a system that is too large, it will turn on and off quickly and raise your energy bills. If you are not sure about what size to choose for your home, consult with an HVAC professional.

Forgetting to Change the Filters

Your air conditioner's filters will accumulate dust and dirt over time, lowering your system's efficiency. That is why you should change these filters at least every three months. If you have pets or family members with asthma or allergies, you may have to replace them more frequently.

Not Scheduling Necessary Repairs

No matter how old your air conditioning system is, it is important to pay attention to warning signs. For example, if your air conditioner is making loud banging sounds or not cooling your home evenly, there may be something wrong. You should have an HVAC technician inspect your air conditioner promptly. If you put off necessary repairs, it could make the problem worse.

Not Raising the Temperature When No One Is Home

When you're at work during the day, there is no reason to keep the temperature very low. If you raise the temperature a few degrees when you are away from the home, you can give your system a break and reduce your energy bills.

Failing to Schedule Regular Checkups

If your air conditioner has not had any issues, you may not see the need to schedule professional inspections. However, an HVAC professional can detect issues that you may have missed. If you repair an issue in the early stages, it will be less expensive. Remember to schedule a professional inspection once a year.

If you avoid making these common mistakes, you can keep your air conditioning system in good shape. If it has been over a year since your air conditioner's last inspection, you should schedule one today.

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