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The Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist To Prepare For Summer Weather

There is a lot of HVAC maintenance and repairs that need to be done this spring. Work needs to be done to both the furnace and your air conditioner before you use the AC this summer. There may also be some repairs and upgrades that you want to do now. The following HVAC maintenance checklist will help you get ready for the summer weather that will be here soon.

Preparing Your Furnace Before Summer

The spring HVAC maintenance needs to start with the furnace, which is going to need some specific care. You want to start by changing the filter before turning the heating off. You will also want to have the furnace cleaned and inspected for problems that need to be repaired. Repairing issues with your heating now will ensure they do not grow into bigger issues when you turn the heating on next winter.

Planning Heating System Upgrades for Summer

The heating system can also be upgraded during the spring and summer months. Therefore, you want to start planning these upgrades as soon as you begin the spring maintenance. Some of the heating upgrades to consider for the summer months include:

  • Upgrading the furnace burner and heating element
  • Installing a variable-speed blower fan motor
  • Upgrading the HVAC ductwork with dampers and a zoned design

Dealing with the AC Weatherization and Maintenance

The AC was probably weatherized for the winter months, and this needs to be undone now. This means that the cover installed on the unit needs to be removed as well as any plugs and other materials to protect the AC parts. After the weatherization materials have been removed, you can begin some of the other maintenance that needs to be done. You will want to clean the unit, change the filters, and tune-up the AC to get ready for summer. There may also be some repairs and upgrades that need to be done before you start using the AC.

Repairs and Upgrades to Ensure Efficient Cooling for Summer

There are also upgrades to consider for your AC system for the summer months. Some of the upgrades can be simple, such as replacing an old thermostat. Other equipment upgrades like installing a new blower fan or upgrading ductwork are going to need more planning. Therefore, you may want to start planning some of the equipment upgrades before the weather gets warmer. If you are planning on a replacement with a heat pump or other more efficient AC unit, you want to start on these projects as soon as possible.

This is some of the HVAC maintenance that you want to have done now to get ready for summer. You can contact an HVAC service to learn more.

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