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3 Common Signs Your Heating System Needs Immediate Attention

Although a heating and cooling system is quite important, many homeowners only call in an HVAC professional when the systems suddenly fail on a miserably chilly day. Once the cold weather settles in, you want to ensure that your unit is working efficiently to keep your household warm. Even with a relatively modern heating system, observing a maintenance schedule will guarantee a longer useful life. Besides, a well-maintained heating system is less likely to break down at the worst possible time. Here are signs of a failing heating system to help you schedule repairs on time.

1. Your House Has a Strange Smell

When you first use your unit after an extended period of inactivity, the initial burning smell is quite common. However, a persistent smell of burning plastic indicates the need for heating repair. This unusual odor could mean that a piece of plastic has found its way into the unit and is emitting gases that can be harmful to your health. When foreign materials find their way into your vents, they will affect your unit and are likely to reduce efficiency.

Other leading causes of a persistent burning odor are broken or worn-out capacitors, plastic-coated wires, and a fan belt. Ensure you turn off the heating once you smell the strange smell and hire professionals for immediate repairs.

2. Your Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

If you have a short cycling unit, you will notice that it turns on and off too rapidly or at irregular intervals. You will likely notice this problem at night and hear weird noises from your unit kicking on again and again.

A short cycling unit indicates an overheating problem and could cause serious damage if left unchecked. It could also mean that the unit is too large for your home and will produce too much heat in short cycling. If this is the case, you need a heating repair technician to inspect your unit and prevent compressor failure.

3. High Energy Bill

A higher-than-normal energy bill is one of the most common indicators of a failing unit. It means that your unit struggles to keep up with your heating needs and could lead to an abrupt unit shut down if you fail to perform necessary repairs.

Are you noticing any of these issues with your heating unit? Ensure you don't go without heating because of delayed repairs. Call a heating repair service near you today to get the most out of your heating unit.  

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

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