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3 Common AC Problems That Require Quick Repairs

Proper maintenance keeps your AC unit in the best shape. However, most AC systems are complex and can develop issues occasionally. Some problems, such as a clogged furnace filter or a depleted thermostat battery, are easy to fix. However, some issues are so severe that only an expert can fix them. 

Here is a closer look at HVAC problems that require urgent repairs. 

System Leaks

Your AC uses refrigerant fluid to cool your home. Unfortunately, some homeowners add excess refrigerant into their systems, hoping to enhance their efficiency. Too much refrigerant can leak and damage the surrounding environment, including your system's metal parts.  

These leaks can lower the refrigerant levels, and your AC will strain to cool your home. Eventually, the strain will eventually result in system damage. Refrigerant is a harmful substance and requires extreme care to handle. So, bring a professional to drain the excess refrigerant or add the proper refrigerant amount. 

Additionally, if your AC leaks water, the likely culprits are a damaged drain pan, dirty air filters, or improper installation. An obvious sign of a leaky AC is pooling water around your unit. If left alone, you might have to deal with severe property damage or even mold growth in your home.

Short Cycling

Short cycles happen when your AC runs on and off repeatedly. Several reasons explain the cause for short cycles. Is your thermostat close to a heating appliance or in direct sunlight? If so, your thermostat may sense temperatures inaccurately and cause your AC unit to turn on and off frequently.

Frozen evaporator coils also cause short cycling. The evaporator coils can also freeze due to mechanical issues or dirty air filters. To resolve this issue, turn off your system and leave it to thaw, then turn it on. If the freezing persists, you should reach out to an experienced AC professional. 

Short cycling wastes energy and strains your unit's lubrication and electrical system. This problem eventually reduces the life of your AC system significantly, so have it fixed right away.

Blower Motor Issues

An AC blower motor comprises fan blades that push conditioned air out of the unit's vents and distributes it throughout your house. With regular use, your blower motor deteriorates and slowly slips out of balance. As a result, your unit produces a rattling or thumping noise as it runs. 

The blower motor can malfunction due to dirt buildup on the fan blades, poorly lubricated bearings, electrical failure, or overheating when the air filter clogs. Without a functional blower motor, your AC unit can't work as expected. You'll need to schedule repairs before you have to deal with worse issues.

If your AC system develops any of these issues, prompt repairs are crucial before your unit goes out completely. You can reach out to a reputable AC service expert to restore your unit's functionality. Contact an HVAC contractor to learn more about AC repair

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