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Questions You May Have Prior To Split-Unit AC Installation

Having a split-unit AC installed can change your life if you've been living with window air conditioners up until now. Imagine never having to lug a heavy AC unit in or out of a window again. Imagine never bumping into a window unit as you move through the room again! That's about to be your real life, but as your split-unit installation date approaches, you may still have some questions. Keep reading, and you'll probably find the answers. 

Will the installers have to cut holes in your walls?

This is part of the installation process. The air handler, which is the part of the split system that actually blows cool air into your home, has to be mounted through the wall. So, your HVAC contractors will have to cut a hole and fit the AC unit inside of that hole. Luckily, this hole will be completely hidden by the air handler, and the unit will be installed in such a way as to prevent air leaks around the unit.

Where will the air handler be located?

If you're worried the air handler will be as cumbersome as a window unit, you can set those fears aside. The air handler in a split system is almost always mounted high up on the wall, far above your head level. You won't bump into it, and it won't interfere with the use of your space. It's okay to put furniture, even a couch, beneath the air handler.

Where will the condenser be located?

The condenser is the other component of your split system. It's placed outside. Usually, your AC contractor will put it as close to the air handler as possible as this minimizes the amount of tubing and wiring they need to run. However, it can be placed further from your air handler, if needed. Your HVAC contractor will discuss possible locations with you. 

How long will the installation take?

Most split-system AC units take a day or less. Your AC contractor will generally come in the morning, work through the day, and hand you the remote to your new system before leaving in the evening. If the AC contractor thinks your job will take more than one day for some reason, they'll let you know.

With these answers, you're more ready than ever for your new, split AC system. You should have many cool summers ahead of you with this unit.

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