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4 Signs Of Heat Pump Repair Services In Your Home

A heat pump keeps your home warm during the cold weather, maintaining comfortable indoor conditions. However, your unit may develop age-related deterioration with years of use, hindering operational efficiency. As such, your heat pump may malfunction, resulting in a reduced heating output. Note that if neglected, the issue can escalate into a total system breakdown, rendering your unit inoperable. Therefore, you must hire an HVAC contractor to check and remedy the problematic components to prevent future malfunctions. Below are reasons to schedule prompt repair services.

Excessive Noise 

A heat pump normally produces low operating sounds, such as clicking when starting or shutting down. However, you could be dealing with a defect if you hear loud noises from the heat pump. For example, humming noises indicate a faulty motor or capacitor, whereas hissing noises emanate from a refrigerant leak. On the other hand, you may hear grinding noises when mechanical parts of the motor run out of lubrication. Thus, you should schedule heating unit repairs for the expert to determine the cause of the malfunction and fix it for seamless operation.

High Heating Bills

Your heat pump is subject to wear and tear over time. This may lead to the system gradually deteriorating, making it vulnerable to breakdowns. As such, some components, such as the line set carrying the refrigerant, may erode, leading to a leak. Additionally, the system's capacitor can degrade with time, hindering the compressor's operation. As a result, your heat pump will strain to draw sufficient heat from outside air, making it run in overdrive. Ultimately, this leads to more energy consumption, spiking your heating bills. Therefore, you must engage an HVAC professional to replace the worn-out components if you want to reduce your heating expenses. 

Reduced Heating

The fan motor in the outdoor unit may sustain damage from the natural elements. As such, water can seep into the motor windings, causing them to rust and malfunction. Alternatively, the refrigerant line set can wear down from formic acid corrosion, leading to a leak. Consequently, the fan will not draw sufficient air for heating, while the refrigerant cannot absorb enough heat. This reduces the heating output, leading to uneven heating in your house.

Short Cycling

Your heating appliance may cycle on and off intermittently due to airflow obstructions such as critters in your ductwork. On the other hand, placing your thermostat in the wrong location can cause it to short cycle. For instance, if you place the thermostat near a heat-emitting appliance, it will detect the temperatures on this surface as room temperatures. As a result, your system will short cycle as it reaches the set point too quickly.

You should know that a malfunctioning heat pump is prone to premature system failure if you fail to fix it. Thus, you should schedule immediate heat pump repair services to prevent premature failure and ensure your unit performs optimally all year round.

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