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3 Most Common Heating Systems For Homes And Offices

When winter hits home, you must keep your household or office warm enough for you and other occupants. You need a heating system that's both efficient and appropriate for your space.

With the many heating systems available, you might need a second opinion when you buy a unit. You can consult heating services experts for insight into the best types and models of heating systems.

Here are some heating systems for homes and commercial spaces.


You should invest in a boiler if you need an efficient heating system for large spaces. Although most modern boilers work with water, you can also get a steam boiler. Get a steam boiler if you'll use it for other purposes, such as manufacturing, and a water boiler if you only need it for heating.

When choosing a boiler, consider the fuels they use. Choose a natural gas, heating oil, biomass, or propane-fueled boiler, depending on your preferences. You can also get an electric-powered boiler. However, these boilers have a high operation cost and might be too expensive to sustain.

The advantages of using boilers as heating systems include the following:

  • You can update the radiators to the baseboard or wall panel options
  • You get less dry air than when you use forced air heating systems

Ask a heating services expert for tips when choosing a modern and efficient boiler for your home. 


The main difference between boilers and furnaces is that the latter will heat your indoor air directly, while boilers heat the air indirectly with water or steam.

Install a furnace if you want a heating system with a simple structure and lower installation costs. However, be ready to deal with the noise from the furnace fans that propel consistently to push out the hot air. You can ask the heating services expert to recommend ways to reduce the noise.

The main advantages of using a furnace as a heating system are:

  • You can add air filters and humidifiers
  • Furnaces are very efficient
  • Combine cooling and heating capabilities

The downside to furnaces in your spaces is that you must invest in ductwork to circulate the hot air.

Space Heaters

You should get space heaters if you want a heating system for individual rooms in your home or office. A space heater works like a furnace with a reduced scale. The heater will heat the air directly through fuel combustion or electric resistance.

Depending on your preferences, choose an electric or gas-powered space heater. An electric space heater offers you convenience because you can move it around. However, they tend to have a higher operating cost than gas-powered heaters.

On the other hand, a gas space heater is less expensive. However, remember to use the heater in well-ventilated spaces. The gas combustion process produces carbon monoxide, which is a lethal gas. For more information, contact a company like Steele Brothers Heating Inc.

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