Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

Working With A Propane Supplier For Your Home Fuel

Setting up a new heating system in your home can also mean changing fuel sources as well. A new heating system that runs on propane may mean you need to set up a new account with your local propane supplier and install a tank that is appropriate for your needs. New Propane Service If you have never used propane as a fuel in your home, you will need to determine how large a tank you need and where the best place to put it is going to be. Read More 

Mixing Pets & Air Conditioners

Aren't pets just the best? However, sometimes their fur and dander can become an issue. This is especially true during those few summer months when they are still shedding their spring coats and the air conditioner is running. Fur has a way of clogging up air conditioning systems like nothing else. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your animals cool, all while taking care of your air conditioner. Read More 

Things That Should Not Surprise You About Your Air Conditioner When Temps Soar Over 100 Degrees

This has been the summer of all summers. Record-breaking temperatures soaring far above one hundred degrees in many states, including states in the Midwest (and not just in the South or Southeast!). Anyone with an air conditioner has likely had their cooling appliances run nonstop just to keep from sweating to death and becoming gravely ill from the heat on those really hot days. If your A/C has been running at full tilt for a while now, you should not be surprised when something goes awry with it. Read More 

Reasons To Switch To Central Air

After years of relying on window air conditioners to keep your home and family cool for years, you're considering upgrading to central air conditioning. You might be surprised to learn in addition to keeping your home evenly comfortable, there are several other benefits to switching from window units to central air. Here are a few of those many benefits of investing in central air conditioning. Improve Your Home's Air Quality Read More 

4 Tips for Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

You can beat the summertime woes when you get in front of your air conditioning problems to the best of your ability. The heat of the summer is no joke and can be a source of misery for everyone in your house if you let it. The way to beat it is by getting in touch with HVAC contractors that can offer you work that is significant and useful. To use some tips that will help you beat the summer heat, read on. Read More 

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Call the HVAC Contractor and Cool Down!

When we bought our house, we had a home warranty that was good for one year. One of the first things that had to get taken care of was the air conditioner. Before we had the HVAC contractor come out, we made sure filters were changed and other basic maintenance was taken care of. The HVAC contractor that the insurance company sent out replaced the compressor and our AC is working fine now so we're glad that we did it when we did, especially because he found a major mistake in our system. You don't want to wait long when the AC goes out on a hot summer day. This blog is here to make sure you get the help you need.