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3 Ways To Reduce Your Home's Heater Bills During The Winter

If you're like most homeowners, you start to get worried about increased energy bills once winter comes around and there's a need to turn on the heater. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce your home's overall heating costs throughout the years. Following are three effective options to consider:

Plant Deciduous Trees in the Yard

Not only can planting trees around your home reduce your heating use by up to 50 percent, they can increase your overall property values by an average of 10 percent. New trees will provide you with enhanced privacy, and improve curb appeal too. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, which allows the sun to naturally warm things up inside so your heater doesn't have to work too hard.

And in the summer, your deciduous trees will grow large leaves that will protect your home from the heat of the sun. Plant your new trees near windows, doors, and porches that get direct sunlight during the day. The deciduous tree family is huge – take your pick from gorgeous options such as cottonwood, willow, and golden larch.

Focus on Layers in Your Living Spaces

An effective way to keep everyone in your household warm throughout the summer months without wearing out your heater is to layer up in your living spaces. Hang thick tapestries over the windows to better insulate them. Leave throw blankets on the backs of the chairs and couches that are in the rooms your family spends the most time in.

Keep a basket full of scarves, slippers, and robes in the corner of a room so household members can bundle up when they're feeling particularly chilly. And place throw rugs on the floor to reduce your heater needs and create a barrier between bare feet and the cold ground.

Invest in Professional Heater Maintenance

Before the winter season hits, it's important to schedule professional heater maintenance to ensure that everything is working properly and efficiently. During your maintenance appointment, an experienced heating repair professional will inspect every aspect of your heating system and address any small problems that are spotted before they become too serious.

They'll change filters, do tune-ups, and make sure that your heater is in top working condition for the coming cold months. After maintenance has been performed, you won't have to worry about your heater working overtime due to some kind of damage or malfunction that you weren't aware of.

By taking the steps outlined here, you should be able to effectively keep your heating costs low throughout the coming years.

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