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Frequently Encountered Residential Heating Problems

Heating problems can render your home an uncomfortable place to be during the winter. Unfortunately, there are many issues that you will be asked to address if you are to keep your home's heating system functioning throughout the winter months.

Mold Growing On the Heating Unit

Mold is a major problem that every homeowner will need to watch out for. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to realize that mold colonies can develop on their heating system. When these colonies form, they can cause considerable damage to the heating system. One of the more common types of damage will be damaging the blower by inhibiting airflow. In addition to the mechanical strain that the mold can put on the heating unit, its spores can be distributed throughout the home by the heating system. This can contribute to mold problems developing in other areas as well as the potential health problems they could cause the occupants.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostat issues can impact the performance of the entire HVAC system. While homeowners may assume that a faulty thermostat will simply stop working, these problems can take many different forms. For example, some thermostat malfunctions can lead to the heating system turning off and back on every few minutes due to improper temperature readings. While it is normally possible to repair problems with a thermostat, a homeowner may want to look at upgrading to a newer model if their current one is more than a few years old.

Damaged Ductwork

Problems with a home's ductwork can be another source of serious heating system performance problems. If the ductwork develops holes or other openings in it, much of the warm air flowing through the ducting may fail to reach its destination. Homeowners will often fail to consider this type of heating system problem due to assuming the ducting will be well-protected inside the walls of the home. However, leaks can still develop, especially where the ductwork meets or bends. 

Electrical Problems

The wiring and electrical needs of a modern HVAC system will be immense. This will be true even for systems that may not use electricity to generate power. There are numerous components of these systems that require electricity for the system to function as intended. Electrical problems with a residential heating system can be difficult to assess, which can make repairing them take longer than other types of repairs the system may require. A professional heating repair contractor will be able to conduct electrical tests on the system, and the results of these tests may help the technician to locate the exact source of the electrical malfunction. To learn more, contact a residential heating repair professional near you. 

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