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Getting A New Air Conditioner? How To Prepare For Air Conditioner Installation

You're getting a new air conditioner, and you can't wait for the air conditioner installation to be done. You can do your part to make the process more successful by doing a few key things on installation day. Here are ways you can prepare for air conditioner installation so your AC expert can get you the installation you need without a hitch.

Arrange to be home

The day you have your air conditioner installation done, make sure an adult is home to allow the AC expert inside. While much of the air conditioner installation will be done outside the home, the AC specialist will still need to have access to the home so they can check air vents, make sure the unit is finished being installed, and do a test run on the air conditioner once the installation is complete.

You'll get a time frame that your air conditioner installation will be done from your AC installation specialist. If you need a more specific time frame, schedule your air conditioner installation first thing in the morning so you are the first appointment of the day. If you are not home when the air conditioner specialist arrives, they may reschedule you, so stay on top of that appointment.

Keep pets and children away

You want your air conditioner installation specialist to be able to work inside your home without issue. This means you have to provide them a work area that they can thrive in with as few distractions as possible. If you have young children, put them in another room, arrange for a babysitter, or have a distraction for them to keep them away from the air conditioner installation technician while they are working on your AC unit.

If you have pets, especially dogs or other indoor/outdoor pets, keep them in a kennel while the AC tech is in your home. Outside pets should be contained away from the exterior installation area, including cats. Your air conditioner installation specialist will be able to work more effectively, and you'll be able to minimize the risk of any pet accidentally escaping from your home or yard as the technician goes in and out of your property.

Your AC installation should not take a lot of time to have done. Your AC specialist will give you a quote for how long their services will take and what day and time they will come to your home so you can best be prepared. If you cannot be home when they arrive, make sure another trusted adult can be at your home to sign for services and answer tech questions.

For more tips, reach out to a local air conditioner installation service.

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