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What Causes A Decline In Cooling Power In Residential AC Systems?

Having a perfectly functioning air conditioning system is something that many homeowners fail to fully appreciate until they discover that their air conditioner is on the fritz. While most AC problems can be prevented by being proactive with AC maintenance, major problems can still arise from time to time, resulting in the need for urgent AC repair services.

One of the most common issues that you may have with your residential AC is a loss of cooling system capacity during the hot summer months. While many factors can cause this problem, below are some of the most likely culprits.

Dirty Air Filters

When it comes to AC maintenance, the importance of timely air filter replacements can never be overemphasized. An air filter does the important job of removing contaminants from the unconditioned air that is pulled into your air conditioning system via the return air ducts. This helps ensure that the conditioned air returned to your house is clean and healthy. 

Since the air filter is designed to catch airborne particles while your AC system is running, it tends to become dirty over time and will need to be changed frequently. If a dirty air filter isn't changed on schedule, it will impede airflow within the cooling system, resulting in a loss of cooling capacity and efficiency.

The problem with delayed air filter changes is that they can quickly lead to bigger problems. However, if the problem hasn't escalated yet, an air filter replacement should be enough to get your cooling system working properly and efficiently again.

AC Fan Issues

Two-part AC systems are equipped with two fans: one located in the indoor unit of your AC system and one located in the outdoor unit. The indoor fan blows air over the evaporator coils to help dissipate the heat that these coils absorb from warm indoor air. On the other hand, the outdoor fan blows air over the condenser coils to help cool the air by transferring the heat to the outside environment. 

If one or both of these two AC fans isn't working properly, your cooling system's output and efficiency are bound to suffer. Since AC fans are electrical components, AC malfunction is usually a sign of electrical problems, for the most part. In some cases, the AC fans may not turn because the fan blades are simply obstructed by foreign debris.

Refrigerant Leaks

All air conditioning systems, including those used in cars, require a chemical product called refrigerant to work properly. This chemical is circulated in the copper coils of the AC system and is used as the heat transfer medium. 

For your residential air conditioner to run at peak performance and efficiency, it must contain sufficient amounts of refrigerant. If it develops refrigerant leaks, then there won't be enough working fluid for your cooling equipment to provide the desired level of cooling.

Before adding more refrigerant to the unit, you'll need to locate and seal the leaks to prevent further loss of refrigerant.

Air conditioning systems that aren't running at their best tend to use up too much energy. Cooling system inefficiency wastes energy and money. The sooner the problem is identified and addressed, the sooner you can restore the performance and efficiency of your residential air conditioner. For more information, contact a residential AC repair service, such as Central York Corp, near you.

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